Foundations of Data Analytics

Introducing data analytics

Data Analytics refers to the techiques used to analyze data helps in everday life decisions and enhance productivity and business gain.

This course will introduce you to the world of data analysis. You will learn how to go throgh the data analysis process. You will also learn about the data analysts tools.

Welcome to Data Analytics

What is commen in hundred of compnyes fom diffrent fileds ( E-Commerce, Helth , Entertament , Menufecturing, Marketing , Finanace ect)? They all use data.

Data Analysts is needed in all kind of orgnizations . Their services are so important because data analysts help improve their services , products , batter customer services.

You are welcome to Datat Analytics Course . This Course will help you in understading the concept behind Data Analytics and how it can be helpful for people who are planing to start a new career in the filed of datat analytics.

This Course will teach you industry-relevant skills in data analytics. Before Starting the course you should know answer to this question and the quesiton is what is data? The answer is datat is colleciton of facts. And Datat Analysis is the process of  collection, transformation, orgination of data.



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