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Simple and easy web learning course, ITC Free Web learning course is one of the simplest and easiest web learning courses. You don’t need anyone to teach you codding, simply follow this course and practice what you have learned on our online “ITC Tryit” editor, which makes the learning process much more fun and faster. To see, our online editor. Click here!

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It’s all you choose what You can be and what you are? An expert or a beginner. Your experience level doesn’t matter here. Write real code and see for yourself how it works.

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You can use your learning in real projects to test your knowledge with examples and quizzes. Let your code produce a real project!

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These days, coding is one of the highest-paying careers. Now you take your career to the next level. Here is a chance to change your career in the easiest way. Learn web development and start a new career.

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HTML Tutorial


HTML is extremely easy-Everone can learn it.With HTML, you can create your Website HTML is a markup language.HTML is a standard language for the web.You will enjoy learning HTML with ITC!

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CSS Tutorial


CSS is easy to learn, and it help in making beautiful sites.With CSS, you can style your Website. Css can describe how a web page will display. With Css , you can control the look of a website. At ITC, it’s fun journey to learn CSS!

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JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript is a programming language. It is used to Program the Web. It is the third important tool in web Developement. JavaScript is a powerful tool to learn. You will learn it with examples at ITC.

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You will need these three essential languages to be fully able to make an attractive and functional website. We will use HTML for building web pages. To give our website a pretty look, we will use CSS (CSS is used to style the web Page). To make our site interactive, we will need JavaScript (JavaScript is the language for programming a web page).